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ALFA Goalkeeper Gloves Latex Guide

We are proud to only use latex from Latico in Germany on the palms of our Goalkeeper Gloves and hopefully this overview will make it easier for you to understand the difference between each latex used.

# 1 - Adhesion Pro Latex

We start from the top and in first place we have the Adhesion Pro, which is the Bee's Knees of latex available for Goalkeeper Gloves. It is a top professional latex and it guarantees a perfect grip in all weather conditions. If you want the best gripping latex money can buy then there is nothing better than the Adhesion Pro.

# 2 - Quartz Latex

Choosing 2nd place was harder as it was a close call between the Contact and Quartz Latex, but in the end we chose the latter. This Quartz latex is easy to distinguish as the gloves have little bits of quartz embedded into the latex for extra durability. The grip is not as good as the Adhesion Pro, but if durability is more important to you then Quartz latex is your answer

# 3 - Contact Latex

In 3rd place we have the Contact latex, which is not as grippy as the Adhesion Pro, but grippier than the Quartz latex. It offers pro grip in dry conditions whilst still performing very well in the wet as long as you towel excess water. The Contact latex is used by Professional Goalkeepers, but more and more are now moving to the Adhesion Pro latex. Please note that Contact Latex may be referred to as Supreme Latex by other brands.

(# 4 - Giga Grip, # 5 - Mega Grip, # 6 - Super Soft and # 7 - New Basic

Next in line we have the Giga Grip, Mega Grip, Super Soft and the New Basic in that order. The Giga Grip used to be a Pro Latex only a few years ago, but today it is not up to scratch. The latex in this group are used on cheaper gloves and considered fine for training, but not game worthy. Maybe with the exception of the Super Soft latex, which performs well in very dry conditions as it doesn't need to be dampened as much.